Principal’s Message

Jai Gurudev
The aim of SSRVM is to Broaden the Vision to Deepen the Roots “We have accepted the challenge to change the way children are taught. We have adapted teaching methodology which is quite unique and different from the contemporary school. We have a variety of activities in school. Students are learning about our values & culture, through festivals, celebrations, field visits, practical knowledge by observing the surroundings, variety of educational excursion.

We have classes from 1 st to 6th in a spacious with 6000 sq.ft built up area on a 3-acre campus. Our methodology makes education experience based rather than information based. Learning is spontaneous when curiosity is kindled & this is done by engaging the child in activities related to lesson rather than rote.

Each day our school begins with this motto where we provide a conclusive warm experiential environment to our students to learn the best of academics by taking moral stories G.K. questions, newspaper reading, themes like cricketers, saints, freedom fighters assembly, which imbibes in them appreciation towards the best of character building. We take care that our students learn the latest aspects of modern education & also inculcate the strength of our culture & value. To help students maximize their potential through self-development programs by taking daily child Sudarshan Kriya.

Our teachers are more like facilitators of learning & spend time understanding the child & take care the child into confidence so that child is not afraid to express them. Teachers create an atmosphere of security around children, the relationship between a student & the teacher is not one of authority but of love & affection. To communicate effectively with children and to make leering interesting for them, teachers are trained by our Shraddha Training.

To make student academically competent by evolving creative teaching methods that will kindle their curiosity and inspire them to become lifelong learners.

We also conduct teachers long kriya every fortnight and the teachers do daily kriya so that she/he goes stress-free in the class and can give her 100% to every child.

We focus on five aspects of education in our methodology Concepts, Information, Imagination, Attitude, Freedom.

To inculcate in the students a deep-rooted respect for the environment and their responsibilities to preserve it.

SSRVM empowers each student to play the role of a global a citizen, contributing towards safer and happiest place to live in.

To enable students to broaden their vision and deepen their roots by equipping them with our methodology of teaching.

Mrs. Sapra Aarti Shivkumar

Sri Sri Ravishankar Bal Mandir Himatara’ Behind Runanubandh Mangal Karyala Pune Nashik Highway, Sangamner Ahmednagar – 422605 Maharashtra, India

Board Line: 9923799851, 8888369555, 02425-223393